Chloe Satine

If you kill most of your plants, I think we’re quite alike. 

I’ve never finished a journal and still can’t ride a bike. 

My hands are calloused rough, and my nail beds shot to hell, 

But I love frilly dresses, and I know Taylor Swift songs well. 

I wish I’d learnt a language when I once had the chance, 

And even though I can’t sing great, I really love to dance. 

I dogear most of my pages, and don’t know the capital of Spain, 

But I could tell you all about the movie quotes forever etched into my brain.  

I’ll tell you all about the best friend I knew till I was nine, 

But if you gave me an analogue clock, I couldn’t tell the time. 

The moon is my worst enemy but the sun’s my greatest friend. 

And when I get to talking, you can’t quite make it end. 

But I’m anxiously upset, and I worry constantly, 

That everybody hates me, and I’m just some wannabe.  

Because my lungs don’t really work, and when I breathe, I wheeze, 

And there’s long since been scarring upon the caps of both my knees. 

And I love the idea of hiking amongst the trees and leaves and sky, 

But the reality of me in nature does not seem too wise. 

My piggy bank is long since smashed, I’ve never quite rebuilt, 

And even though I know I should, I can’t quite feel the guilt. 

My clothes never seem to sit right upon my stilted frame, 

And even though I know it’s my fault, I’m no good at taking blame. 

But I truly try my hardest, I try so hard I cry, 

Because nothing I do is ever perfect if you see it through my eyes. 

If you’re your own worst enemy, I think we’re quite the same. 

And maybe you could keep me company for just another day. 

Author: Chloe Satine is an emerging writer studying creative writing at QUT. Her work revolves mainly around fiction, specifically short stories and poetry. She loves reading, baking, the colour pink and Taylor Swift (her favourite song is Fifteen) and dreams to one day publish a novel.

Artist: Irene Liao is a visual art student from Taiwan who aims to present figurative human art through her watercolour pieces.

Editors: Kelly Rouzbehi and Fernanda Bustos Venegas