Forgotten Places

Pipier Weller


Forgotten Places

Forgotten Places (2020) is a documentary style series that aims to highlight the irreversible and devastating impact human activity can have on the natural world through the lens of landscape photography. Captured in these sepia works are thirteen abandoned man-made structures that have been left on the sides of roads and paddocks. These decaying features were found randomly as I drove on the dirt roads of the countryside near my hometown, stopping to rediscover and capture these deserted objects. 

Using post-production editing, these photographs have been layered with a sepia tone to convey the passing of time and stress this sense of abandonment. This rustic overlay has been applied to everything except the abandoned objects, emphasising the estrangement of these structures in these environments. The wide-angle shots further underline their isolation and juxtaposition with the natural landscape. 

Pipier Weller is an early career visual artist interested in the fields of photography, installation, digital and multi-media. Her works explore storytelling, the female perspective and aspects of everyday life. She is passionately investigating a range of new mediums, themes and concepts.