Auditory Nerves: Part 1 ‘Familiar Cries’

Bush Rangers Renee, Liz and Jen are hoping for a quiet night but when an uncanny cry for help crackles through the radio, these hopes quickly die. A haunting past turns into a haunting present as Jen finds herself facing her worst fear yet again. Recognisable voices and recognisable fears take a dark turn with a terrible sound dooming Jen to an unrecognisable fate.

Content warning: vocal depictions of violence, death and supernatural creatures, discussions of grief and mental health issues, loud noises for example: screaming.

Written by Matisse Duncan
Support written by Bjorn Farbaek
And Annabel Gilbert

Jen performed by Rachael Griffiths
Renae performed by Jade Cassidy
Liz performed by Maddy Connors
Distress caller performed by Annabel Gilbert 
Nurse performed by Tuesday Tomlins  

Produced by Tuesday Tomlins
Directed by Charlie Johansen
Audio produced by Manon Panier

Edited by Breeh Botsford and Kaylee May Lovegrove