Auditory Nerves: Part 2 ‘The Oath’

A series of recorded tapes from 1969 expose a gruesome incident at the Burlough Hospital. Dr Selena Woodhouse studies her patient, Lilith MacNeil, an unassuming young woman and soon to be mother. But when the pregnancy begins developing unnaturally, Dr Woodhouse becomes an unwilling participant in a dark movement targeting Lilith’s unborn baby.

Content Warnings:  

Auditory Nerves is a horror podcast with explicit themes.  

This episode features discussions around infertility, and pregnancy complications. It contains anti-religious practices and auditory depictions of violence and gore. Please take care while listening. 

Written by Jackson Fryer.
Directed by Charlie Johansen.
Produced by Tuesday Tomlins.
Edited by Manon Panier.  
Jade Cassidy as Dr. Selena Woodhouse.
Maddy Connors as Lilith MacNeil.
Rachael Woodnet as Delphine.
Annabel Gilbert as Dianne.
Bjorn Farbaek as Older Man.
Matisse Duncan as Librarian. 

Script researched by Kaylee May Lovegrove, and script edited by Breeh Botsford. 

Auditory Nerves is a Blatherskite podcast, produced in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology.