Auditory Nerves: Part 3 ‘The Archive’

Journalist Anna Lori receives a tip-off that the local hospital is hiding something. In her journey to uncover long-held secrets, Anna comes across audio files from the hospital archive. Among these files is a hair-raising recording of a cursed sound.

Content Warning:
Auditory Nerves is a horror podcast that contains mature themes and sudden loud noises. This episode contains audio depictions of murder and discussions of medical malpractice  

Written by: Bjorn Farbaek, Breeh Botsford, Jackson Fryer and Annabel Gilbert.  
Directed by Charlie Johansen.  
Produced by Tuesday Tomlins.  
Edited by Manon Panier.  

Maddy Connors as Anna Lori.  
Bjorn Farbaek as Elliot MacNeil and Patrick Lori. 
Annabel Gilbert as Jody Pilitzer.  
Lucy Wilding as the Burlough Nurse and additional voices.
Jade Cassidy as the Security Guard and additional voices.
Tuesday Tomlins as the Elevator Recording and additional voices.

Auditory Nerves is a Blatherskite podcast, produced in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology.