Space Cowboy: An Interview with Carla Wehbe

Sara Reeves

[Photo credit: Warner Music Australia]

At the 2022 BIGSOUND festival, we were starstruck by the emerging talent that had been meticulously picked to play at Live Nation’s Ones to Watch Showcase. The showcase was hosted by the Ones To Watch Program, a series of live events designed to celebrate emerging artists and offer them opportunities to connect with local music lovers and perform in front of key industry professionals.

Among the featured artists was the innately talented and unique Carla Wehbe, whose sounds are reminiscent of an unconventional storm of glam-pop with the zest of nostalgia you’d find from classic pop idols such as ABBA or David Bowie. We at ScratchThat were given the opportunity to ask Carla about her experience at BIGSOUND and on her creative processes as an artist.  

[Photo credit: @buttersphotography on Instagram]

First of all, you played at BIGSOUND last week, which means you were surrounded by a whole bunch of other artists. Were there any in the line-up that you were most excited to meet or watch perform?

I was super excited to watch some of my friends—Cody Jon, Chloe Dadd, Flowerkid, KANADA THE LOOP—All super talented people!

On that note, what would be your dream venue to play at, or artist to play with?

I don’t think it could get better than Madison Square with Harry Styles.

How did you celebrate when you signed with Warner Music Australia? That must’ve been a really exciting opportunity as they’re a big label and one of the most notable in Australia.

I just went to the bar across the road with my new team, family, and some friends. It was really nice, and I’m super happy to be a part of the Warner music family.

[Photo credit: Warner Music Australia]


You’ve recently released the single ‘is forever off the table?’ pretty recently, and paired it with a video that’s a mix of olden western and experimental sci-fi. Were there any key points of inspiration that contributed to the ideas of the video? What was it like to shoot?

I love the concept of ‘space cowboy’, combining two very different contrasting worlds and seeing them work seamlessly. It was so much fun to shoot—Kyle Caulfield and the whole team made the days very easy and a lot of fun!

Is there a place that you feel like most creatively liberated to write, or a place that harbours the most inspiration? What sparks your writing process?

I often write a lot when I am driving or in the shower. I’m not sure what it is about driving, but I seem to come up with my best ideas in those two places! Inspiration always comes very suddenly and unexpected for me, so I’ve learnt to let it happen and when it comes it comes.

Are there any new songs that we should be on the lookout for?

Definitely more music on the way for the rest of the year.

I’ve noticed that you haven’t got any tour dates coming up, but can we expect a tour or some shows in the near future? Send us a virtual wink if you just can’t say it explicitly, we won’t tell!

I have a few support shows coming up, but there will definitely be some headline shows on their way 😉

Thank you so much Carla Wehbe for answering some questions from us at ScratchThat!

Thanks so much for having me! 🤠

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