Chemistry (Fragments)

Isabelle Heaton


This work is a multi-panelled portrait piece, one depicting the artist, and the other, her partner. The chemical formula for dopamine and serotonin has been engraved into the wood over the faces as a representation of the literal chemistry released in romantic partnership. The fragments are each their own individual, and while both seem melancholy as they gaze at the gap between them, the vivid colours of the piece link them together inextricably.

Isabelle Heaton is a Brisbane based painter who explores the emotional depth of portraiture and its capacity to encapsulate the essence of humanity. Currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at QUT, she is influenced by the philosophical debate of the multiplicity of the self, particularly in her exploration of self-portraiture. Check out her work more on Instagram at @izzy.makin.stuff