Euri Glenn


We’re still in this holy place
A space of everlasting hate
I cannot wait anymore
I am tired of their world

I am a liar
I am a thief
I stole the love that doesn’t belong to me
They said that there is no closure for me
No peace
My life? It deserves to be oh so fleet
They say I belong in a churchyard

I hoped this world
and the eye of the hurricane
could see that people aren’t
what they seem
Once an innocent child
Now a cruel, wanting machine

Is that me?
Oh yes, it is, they decree

If I am the machine, am I living?
If I am a machine, isn’t this love programmed
into me?



Church corridor
is where we die
Amongst the dark
They hunger hate
and we feed them love
It is not enough
It is not enough

The soil soaks in red
And blooms a rose
Whoever knows?
Praise the crows
The cross

We bare our teeth
Blow out the fire
Dire consequences
The fire consumes us
Let us fly with the dust
Let us rust

Let us cry
and fill the oceans
Let the water take over
Let our lungs fill
Let us drown

Our hearts want to love
Our hearts burn with hate
Did you not know?
Hate breeds’ hate and fake breeds’ fake
And no one wants to break the time


White turns brown
Green turns to black
Skin turns to bone

Did you not know?
Hate breeds’ hate and fake breeds’ fake
And no one wants to break the tide


It’s over
The battle of feelings
Love dies
Hate lives on
What is left to do
But hate those who deny us love

Author: Euri Glenn is a second-year student at QUT, studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing). She enjoys writing the novel, novella, short story, scripts, poetry, and lyrics. Eurielle takes pride in that every story written metaphorically or directly speaks to larger topics, problems, and ideas, and seeks to inspire change for the better of the world and the creatures who dwell in it.

Artist: Steph Blinco is a third-year Bachelor of Fine Arts student. As a local Brisbane emerging artist, her practice makes statements about everyday life through collaged imagery. Intertwining psychedelic patterns to create collisions of colour and era, Steph draws influences from autobiographical contexts, ranging from her childhood to her experiences now as a young adult. You can find her on Instagram @stephblincoart.