Georgia De Koning

Clouds, 2020, Single Channel Video with Sound, 19.38 Minutes

Clouds is a video work that uses sound and movement to encourage the viewer into a meditative mindset and encourages associations to travelling. The work is a continuous clip that runs for 19.30 mins, using the uninterrupted footage to create visual interest in the subject matter rather than the editing. While Clouds explores the meditative effect of travel, it also explores the movement of the body through space as seen in the passing of time with the clouds.

Georgia De Koning is a Brisbane (Meanjin) based visual artist that creates work surrounding the notion of her relationship with the body and the environments surrounding it. De Koning’s work employs a diaristic approach through the influence of lived life experiences and her interpersonal and emotional relationships with others. This self-reflective practice translates into the mediums of; light work, photography, and video.