Crack In Their Heads

Jakeb Smith

You push me,


I plunge down 

into the rabbit hole.

No white rabbit to save me,

no potion to drink to help me grow;

I’m left to shrivel 

as darkness digests me.

I don’t wanna go, 

I belong here with you

in the daylight and the sun. 

I deserve to have 

rays on our skin, 

creating melanin.

Seeing flowers sing,

and cats’ grins.

I scream,

‘Don’t you see that I belong up here with you!’

My words are gobbled up 

by never-ending night.

I’m falling fast,

down into the abyss below. 

The darkness descends and

It’s all-encompassed. 

My last thought is of you  

your candy chuckle fills my ears. 

Memory of your scent fills my nose and 

I smile as my head is smashing the ground.

“Off with their heads,”


crack in his head.

The blackness of night takes over.

Jakeb Smith is a writer who specialises in queer stories. Life is too heteronormative, so Jakeb always tries to liven things up and tell a story from a queer perspective. Whether that be in poetry, short story, or any other creative medium, Jakeb always tries to add a bit of glitter and sparkle to his every tale.