Cruel To Be Kind, or Cruel To Be True?

Anneka-Rose Galletly

Is a lie still a lie if believed

like a truth? What are its genetic markers?

I don’t know enough biology,

but I know basic anatomy. So perhaps

a lie has a head, a neck,

a spine, feet. I believe

that most lies have a foundation of truth,

that we’re astray the same grounds,

and we maunder,

led by perception

and intention.

Does that make my truth any less

than yours? Or yours than mine?

For example: the sky

is to the many blue, but for

those colourblind, it is a different hue.

So, is truth determined by mass perception?

Or individual intention?

A direct and tangible relationship to subject.

Made from conviction.

Tested through hardship.

Collected from the dust of the earth.

Breathed into life.

Regardless of circumstance,

cruelty can hide in either truth or lie,

but so can kindness.

Author: Anneka-Rose Galletly is a Gold Coast based, emerging writer. Her passion for writing stems from a desire to examine the human condition. She believes that within the deconstruction of existence and consciousness lies the yellow brick road to cultivating a deeper connection to the communion of humanity. Insta handle: anneka_rosie 

Artist: Irene Liao is a visual art student from Taiwan who aims to present figurative human art through her watercolour pieces.

Editors: Rory Hawkins and Tracy Channell