Dhriti Naidu


her bronzed skin radiates,

dusk coalesced with a summer breeze.

her eyes are flooded with kisses from the sun, 

illuminated like pools of maple syrup.


five million hairs grow endlessly; 

she wasn’t made to feel the breeze.

she grows too fast for her skin; 

beige streaks adorn her curves.


her stomach peaks

like the waxing crescent phase of the moon.

fingertips caress her face; 

you could feel every scar,

every blemish,

has a story to tell.


she bleeds and endures the pain; 

she’s a warrior,

an anomalous almighty.


if only she could see 

how unbelievably captivating she is.

Dhriti is an emerging writer, studying at QUT. She often writes poetry about personal experience and explores themes of social change, femininity and empowerment. Find more of her work on Instagram.