Dreamland, 2020

Dreamland: A place soft, adorned with fine white silks, early memories of colour pure, newly awaken, times past, blur of senses. a world new, bewildered. Innocent sight, little yet they know, they will feel it all, and they never forget the blanket of pink light, that held them, in the dream-land, forever.

Jade is an Australian artist of Indigenous Mirning-Njunga descent, currently working from and living on Whadjuk Nyoongar Boodjar land, also know as Perth, Western Australia. She is a contemporary abstract artist who works intuitively and plan-less. In her practice, she finds that seeking solitude and being in nature is the centre of her creative flow. Essential in creating any work, is beauty and peace in environment. Jade is currently preparing for her first solo exhibition opening Nov 2020.

She can be found on Instagram at jadelisterbuttle.