I find my heart at the bottom 

of a gin and tonic, smoke

caressing my weary lungs as I draw 

closer into you than I remembered possible.


I look at you and see someone new,

lingering over every feature,

falling in love with your eyes

the glisten of your teeth, your smile

your ashen hair falling gently

as it hits your shoulders.


You are the centre of my universe,

the thing that I will orbit,

spending eternity drawn to your everything,

forever at the mercy of your grace.


I would stay here 

for a thousand moments,

just to be in the presence

of a beauty as great as you.


And even when the grass

and drink have gone dry,

my worship is yours alone.

Kira Louise is a writer and avid mental-health advocate, born and based in Meanjin (Brisbane). She publishes poetry on instagram (@kiralouisewrites), and her multi-disciplinary projects are available at kiralouisewrites.com.