Farewell Transmission

Dawn Tasker

I want my life to be freckled

with a million jailbreaks,

with a million revolutions.

Even so, it is easier to imagine catastrophe.

A bleeding moon, fixed in jaws.


I’m on a flight next to black curly hair.

And they’re wearing your perfume.

And the flight attendant has your name.

And I’m wondering if this is a devotion hangover or conviction?

My smokes are running out.

Author: Dawn Tasker is a poet and prose writer in her second year of creative writing at QUT. Based in Meanjin/Brisbane, she loves to dive deep into themes of identity and the complexities of everyday relationships. Currently, she is building up her portfolio of published works that are deeply human.

Artist: Sarah McLachlan is a third year Bachelor of Creative Writing student who likes to draw in her spare time. She wishes to combine both her art and writing skills to create a webcomic of her own one day, but she’s also open to illustrating for books and book covers. Sarah is also a major The Legend of Zelda fan and can be found drawing a lot of elves. You can find her at @hideriame02 on Instagram.

Editors: David Farr and Grace Harvey