Freelance Submissions


Even though our submissions for our issues aren’t always open, our freelance submissions are! So, if you’ve missed out on our issue submissions, don’t fret. There’s always a place to submit work to ScratchThat!



Whether it be genre, literary, or mainstream fiction, we love it all! Here at ScratchThat, we love reading stories of all kinds, and so do our readers. The reason why fiction is one of the most popular forms of content is because of how diverse it can be. So, if you have a story you want to tell, we want to hear it!


We’re always on the lookout for writing in all forms, but we’re especially keen for more non-fiction submissions, whether that be memoir, personal essays, interviews, reviews, and everything in-between. If you like to experiment with stylistic choices and blend non-fiction with fiction or poetry, we want it! We foster dialogue and conversation around diverse cultural issues and stories of Australian interest, online and in limited print. So, have a think about what is topical now, write it up or pitch us your idea. Remember, news from every channel is topical (even TikTok!) if you give it a personal twist.

Art and photography

As our written content grows, so does our increased need for artists. We welcome art and photography of all mediums. So please, feel free to submit your work in our freelance link or let us know if you’re a shoulder we can lean on!


In 2022, ScratchThat wished to combine all creative industries from the Brisbane creative scene – including music. Musical talent of all genres is welcome, including (but not limited to) rock, pop, indie, classical, lyrical, jazz, and more.


Freelance Submission Form