Frequently Asked Questions

Keeley Young

Why Is It Hard to Fall Asleep?

and other pertinent questions, I guess 

my body, you are exhausted 

you revolt against me so.  

the exhaustion of wanting nothing more than to read a book, 

if sleep may not be on the cards, 

but I reiterate: exhaustion 

synonym for absolutely bloody tired.  

Why Do I Turn to the Glow of My Phone?

when I know the burning light damages my eyeballs 

you only get two eyeballs, unless you pilfer. 

is it the comfort; it’s the comfort 

everything that orbits a mobile phone 

nothing orbits my darkness except little sounds 

the choppy blend of the overhead fan 

my brain saying, hehehe, maybe you’d be better off dead.  

Why Am I Not Scared of the Dark?

 when I lie awake in it,  

far more terrified of my death 

of growing too old to tie my laces, tie loose ends with friends, breathe steady 

the most terrifying thing is dying too young 

and all I want to do right this very instant is watch a silly little musical show about a couple of ordinary human beings, they’re doctors, stumbling on a mystical land that attempts to solve their problems for them, through song of course 

(Schmigadoon, Season Two coming to AppleTV+ soon)  

but I could pass away in my sleep 

although it’s so rare for a person my age,  

yeah I did some light research 

trying to talk myself down from the ledge.  

Why Am I Awake?

because I can’t quiet my head

because the suggestions don’t help

because my body aches

because I like making complaints.

Author: Keeley Young writes queer literature, fantasy fiction, poetry (sometimes), and emotion-focused work that he hopes makes people feel heard and seen, even just a little. You might be familiar with his work with ScratchThat from last year, where he wrote about cuddling with robots, communing with a dead gay lover, and summoning demons.

Artist: Zoe Hawker is a multi-disciplinary student artist working with sculpture, installation, and painting. Her self-reflexive practice aims to decode the absurdities of our current culture.

Editors: Brock Scholte and Breeh Botsford