Going Up: Episode 1

Enter our horror-comedy podcast, Going Up!  

At Life Solutions LLC we endeavoured to summon the most efficient welfare treatment for our valued customers. This is not a pyramid scheme! However, due to unforeseen complications, we were run out of our old office. So, we are presenting the once in a lifetime opportunity to bring this piece of Life Solutions history back into service, to two prized employees, Daryl and Leslie. They agreed on the dotted line to climb the floors, surveying the damage, and not ask too many questions. 

It’s time to find out what lies on top of the so-called corporate ladder.  

Directed by Ryan Mullins

Written by Ryan Mullins and Shelby Lee


Daryl:                          Carlo Versace

Leslie:                         Olivia Edwards

Corporate Shill:          Ernest Corbet

Produced by Ryan Mullins and Shelby Lee

Audio Production by Jack Mcleod and Luc Ambrosoli

Artwork by Sabelle Pobjoy-Sherriff


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