H.AM Radio – Frog on a Log

Welcome to H.AM Radio! Join your hosts — Britney Richbish and Garreth Kirkegaard — for a morning of chaos as they bring you their latest dose of questionable local news stories. Today, Rodney the Second is investigating the impacts of deforestation while we welcome self-help guru and author Haley Roller-Roller into the studio for a chat with Garreth. Ciao! 

Written and directed by Lachlan Wilkes, Zali Meredith, Ewan Brown, Maisie Crosdale and James Mackay 


Ewan Brown as Garreth, Frog, Sponsor Testimonial 

Lachlan Wilkes as Britney 

Maisie Crosdale as Susan, Haley 

James Mackay as Tony, Rodney the Second, Sponsor 

Produced by Lachlan Wilkes and Ewan Brown

Audio Production by Aidan Campbell, Jonathan Virgona & Nicholas Tam of Vermillion Records 

Artwork by Lachlan Wilkes and Maisie Crosdale