H.AM Radio – Self Help

Welcome to H.AM Radio! Join your hosts — Britney Richbish and Garreth Kirkegaard — This week, Garreth is caught in the middle of an intervention, Rodney visits a self-help seminar, and a special guest gives our hosts a glimpse into their futures. Meanwhile, Tony gives us the daily update on the roads and the stocks, while the eccentric Susan informs us about the weather. Ciao! 

Written and directed by Lachlan Wilkes, Zali Meredith, Ewan Brown, Maisie Crosdale and James Mackay 


Ewan Brown as Garreth

Lachlan Wilkes as Britney, Jack

Maisie Crosdale as Susan

Zali Meredith as Kathryn

James Mackay as Tony, Rodney, Sponsor

Produced by Lachlan Wilkes and Ewan Brown

Audio Production by Aidan Campbell, Jonathan Virgona & Nicholas Tam of Vermillion Records 

Artwork by Lachlan Wilkes and Maisie Crosdale