He Never Hit Me

Anneka-Rose Galletly

I shake my head no  

In darkness, consent loses its glow  

He pushes himself inside me  

So I just wait, I just lie there  

And although the experience unpleasant  

I chalk my trauma down to irrelevant  

At least he never hit me 


Yeah, at least he never hit me  

We got into an argument  

He held my face towards him and screamed  

And if madness moves with the tides, I’ve witnessed its full moon streak  

He hit the window, hit the wall, raised a fist but I flinched and he released  

He never hits me  

At least he never hits me 


He talks in round about riddles  

Ones that can never be solved  

I’m always stuck in the middle  

Everything is always my fault  

He’s turned everyone against me  

But greets me with open arms  

Because the only one who loves me  

Is my ticking time bomb with arms  

But he’d never hit me  

He’s never once hit me 


If I were to choose over again  

A naive notion, yes I know  

But I think I’d stray from the bitter fray of passion, and keep to my own, I wouldn’t have to say “he never hit me”

As a comparison of a trauma less violent than his  

If I can remain she forever without a he  

I’d be just fine with this


Because at least he’d never hit me  

At least he’d always miss 

Anneka-Rose is a Gold Coast based writer that majors in poetry, using the written word as an outlet for her emotions. She delves into the depths of tragedy to emerge with a collection of scattered thoughts neatly compiled into poetic form.