Hide and Seek

Anneka-Rose Galletly

Each organ blinks twice before falling asleep
Allowing skin to decay
The stomach, distend
Bones crack
and whittle
Yellow for the liver
Grey for loss of oxygen
Green for them both
Amongst it all it is obvious to me you are no longer here
Without the imagery
Without the eclipse of gore
I’d know your soul to have sought out unmeasured glory
Dancing on peculiar shaped clouds
Painting each sunset with satin ribbon
Filling all the shells with secrets of the sea
Replacing rain with mist and
sleet with snow
Ferrying wondrous works
Are a wondrous work
And just because your body doesn’t know how to breathe
Just because you’ve transitioned
From this life to whatever comes after
Doesn’t make you any less marvellous
It means
I get to seek your beauty in less conventional ways
I seek you all the same
And I know one day
I will find you

Anneka-Rose is a Gold Coast based writer that majors in poetry, using the written word as an outlet for her emotions. She delves into the depths of tragedy to emerge with a collection of scattered thoughts neatly compiled into poetic form.