Hot Air Balloons

Killian MacDonald

‘I could be that person for you’

no, silly girl, you couldn’t

you can’t save him

the weight of your hand on his hip as he wakes

is unneeded

won’t tether him to the earth

won’t help him breathe in outer space

even if he could do these things for you

I don’t think he would

his hands are not made of lead

his lungs are not big enough to share

you did not meet him in the upper atmosphere

because you were looking for someone

to take you back to earth

Killian MacDonald is a trying-to-be writer of North Queensland origin studying creative writing at Kelvin Grove. His usual writing styles include short to not-quite-short poetry and fantasy with a sprinkling of angry slam when he’s worked up. He loves fictional podcasts, slow-burn enemies-to-lovers, all dogs and most cats. If you have photos of your pets, he would love to see them.