Rory Hawkins


I dream in green and blue

blossom days, sun drawn and dappled

by sheets. Leave my northern doubts

behind; send my heart flying

to this brief life

before our eyelids rise, wings

too short to abandon

the sweet.


Still, I dream of green and blue

days that break under skies

you move. Am I not the same,

nor you? With little hearts

that beat too fast

to know.

Author: Rory Hawkins is a second year Creative Writing student who just can’t take art seriously enough. Like, what’s up with that? Is it some kind of self-pathologised barrier stemming from his own insecurity around his own work, resulting in a over-exaggerated ego or uncritical larrikinism? I’ve really got to get to the bottom of this, by reading his other prose and poetry throughout previous issues of ScratchThat, reviews and fiction with Glass Magazine, and through his Instagram @rory_writes_sometimes. I mean, someone’s gotta figure this guy out.

Artist: Yongzheng Wang is a visual arts student from China, currently studying at QUT and living in Brisbane, specialising in traditional painting such as classical oil painting and academic sketching. While studying art in China, he won a first prize in landscape drawing in institute. He is fluent in Chinese, French, English and Italian and has a good knowledge of Western art theory.

Editors: David Farr and Grace Harvey