I Had a Dream…

Bonnie Hogan


we went looking for the sun / and found it in the trees
cheeks swollen with reminiscing / as the day stretched out / like the branches above
tangled amongst / these yellow strings of light / we followed their tails
‘til the sky fell into / a dusk-stained disco ball / but no one was dancing

I used to have pink hair / then purple, then blue
for someone who doesn’t like change / I always seem to build home within it
an old soul / a crack-covered sidewalk / a mouth full
with the overwhelming need to chew on the words / I’m sorry
before excuse me / in a tone that demands / you double check yours

we went looking for the sun / and found sugar ants instead
crawling over the crumbs / of your spat out promises
we both know / I kept mine safe / in an old glass jar / with a hole-punched lid
we both know / I’m a sweet-toothed liar / safe and smothered / are two different things

we went looking for the sun / but I already knew where it was
how does it feel / to be the only one still lost? / stumbling amongst
these yellow strings of light / I throw down from above / you cut off their tails
we both know / I’ll wait for you / but that does not mean I’ll stop climbing
so hurry, hurry / before the sun blinds me

Bonnie is a third-year creative writing student with a passion for delving into the depth of human emotion. Her poetry and prose often experiment with concrete imagery/metaphors, dream-inspired content/visuals and an immersive second person POV, along with themes of love, lust and the self. She hopes to publish her poetry collection she is currently working on once she graduates. You can follow her writing journey here.