In Tune With Miss Q: ‘Act One’

It’s Miss Q’s first-day teaching at Pine Primary, and she can’t wait to meet the impressionable young minds in her class! Doesn’t that sound fun? Tune in with Miss Q and her catchy songs as she enters her most unique role yet. But wait! Miss Q is a really likeable woman, and the kids seem to love her, so why does Mrs Stone seem to have a problem with her? If only Mrs Stone would stop questioning her teaching ability! There’s always a critic out there somewhere… but Miss Q is determined to put on the performance of a lifetime. 


Miss Q: Abbey Cook 

Mrs Stone: Kaitlyn Youngs 

Principal Caster: Ella Cranny 

Kayla: Ella Uhlmann 

Sam: Tayla Rankine 

Jack: Mak Harris 

Mr Dover: Abbey Cook 


Director/Editor: Ella Uhlmann 

Producer: Sophie Bigum 

Audio Producers: Dylan Hynd, Sam Rety 

Musical Producer & Lyricist: Mak Harris 

Writers: Tayla Rankine, Mak Harris, Ella Uhlmann, Abbey Cook