In Tune With Miss Q: ‘Act Three’

As Miss Q enters the third and final act of her time at Pine Primary, she is suddenly confronted by Principal Caster, who demands answers about her past — a past which Miss Q wants nothing more than to keep hidden. With curtain call fast approaching, how will the star teacher cope with this sudden obstacle on her path to fame? 

Content Warnings: Please be aware that this podcast contains course language, dark themes, and mentions homicide, death and child distress, though no children are harmed in this production.


Miss Q: Abbey Cook 

Mrs Stone: Kaitlyn Youngs 

Principal Caster: Ella Cranny 

Kayla: Ella Uhlmann 

Sam: Tayla Rankine 

Jack: Mak Harris 

Mrs Wembley: Dylan Hynd 

Police Officer: Tia Reynolds 


Director: Ella Uhlmann 

Producer: Sophie Bigum 

Audio Producer/Editor: Dylan Hynd, Ella Uhlmann 

Musical Producers: Mak Harris, Sam Rety 

Lyricist: Mak Harris 

Writers: Tayla Rankine, Mak Harris, Ella Cranny, Sophie Bigum, Ella Uhlmann, Abbey Cook, Kaitlyn Youngs