Euri Glenn


The crystal tree
reminds me of mulberry
sunsets and how the sky
we see, the air we breathe,
is bruised and bleeding.

Wine seeps and sinks into the mahogany
soil and weeps into the roots.
They spread and feed on the decaying
alabaster of a contaminating pastor who
spread the word of the lord to the horde.

It’s a flame, a bird of rainforest canopies
and it flees the disease
of unceasing mediocracy.
It flows below the earth,
almost divine,
but as the fuchsias grow
so the weeds follow.

I see all this beauty,
sometimes it requires
unrelenting fealty,
the sun reflecting off the broken leaves,
it blinds me and perhaps I’ll feed
the beauty at the end of
a knotted rope.

Author: Euri Glenn is a Jambreen/Tamborine Mountain-based writer, and a second-year Creative Writing student at QUT who is currently working on a novel based in a post-apocalyptic Gold Coast Hinterland. In every story, she seeks to inspire change for the better of the world and the creatures who dwell within it. You can find her on Instagram @chelsea_glenn_writer.

Artist: Yongzheng Wang is a visual arts student from China, currently studying at QUT and living in Brisbane, specialising in traditional painting such as classical oil painting and academic sketching. While studying art in China, he won a first prize in landscape drawing in institute. He is fluent in Chinese, French, English and Italian and has a good knowledge of Western art theory.

Editors: Willow Ward and Hannah Vesey