Intuition Archives: Episode 1 ‘Decommissioned’

In 1984, the failed launch of the Intuition IV shocked the world and crippled man’s exploration into the unknown. In 2029, two Antarctic researchers, buried in archives, begin to unearth the truth about its forgotten crew. 

Directors: Sara Reeves, Isabella Farry, Olivia Edwards 

Writer: Isabella Farry  

Writing Editor: Sara Reeves 

Production Manager: Emma Hitchin 

Audio Production: Jack Mcleod, Tom Gillard 

Audio Editor: Arina Dara 

Artwork: Sarah Mclachlan  


Carter Osborne and Derek Hargreaves: Carlo Versace 

Tilly (Matilda) Thompson: Phoebe Quinn 

Echo: Emma Hitchin 

Jacqueline Neuton: Zarianna Chandler 

Holland Ford: Ella Dickson 

Josephine Hargreaves: Lauren Hopgood 

Comms: Spencer Moreau