Intuition Archives: Episode 6 ‘Rogue’

Maria’s secret is loose and so is Boston. Death surrounds the remaining crew, Tilly and Carter are powerless from behind their console as an old friend makes a surprise reappearance. 

Content Warning: Listeners are advised this episode contains coarse language and graphic details of death and dead bodies. 

Directors: Sara Reeves, Isabella Farry, Olivia Edwards   

Writer: Phoebe Quinn  

Writing Editors: Isabella Farry, Sara Reeves  

Production Manager: Emma Hitchin   

Audio Production: Jack Mcleod, Tom Gillard   

Audio Editor: Arina Dara   

Artwork: Sarah Mclachlan    


Carter Osborne: Carlo Versace   

Tilly (Matilda) Thompson: Phoebe Quinn   

Echo and Intuition Computer: Emma Hitchin   

Holland Ford: Ella Dickson   

Josephine Hargreaves: Lauren Hopgood   

Maria Solis: Georgia Reynolds  

Freda Augustine: Isabella Farry