Intuition Archives

In 1984, the failed launch of the Intuition IV shocked the world and crippled man’s exploration into the unknown. In 2029, two Antarctic researchers, buried in archives, begin to unearth the truth about its forgotten crew. 

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4ZZZ x Blatherskite

Blatherskite has been offered an amazing opportunity to collaborate with local Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ. The station is a non-profit, community broadcaster that are passionate about the things happening in our city. Every Monday, 4ZZZ is airing each episode of the newest series Intuition Archives on their program Ozone. 

Tune in here 10am Mondays!

Intuition Archives Episode 1: Decommissioned

Intuition Archives Episode 2: Boston

Intuition Archives Episode 3: COMMS

Intuition Archives Episode 4: Hungry

Intuition Archives Episode 5: Frenzy