Iso (After Sick Bacchus)

Kat Morrice


Iso (After Sick Bacchus) (2020), Photographic Triptych

Kat Morrice is a Brisbane (Meanjin) based visual artist. Her photo imaging series, Iso (After Sick Bacchus), 2020 is a playful and humorous exploration of the artist’s personal experience of social isolation in the COVID-era. Morris initially experimented with infusing her photography with the extravagance and realism of Baroque paintings, particularly Sick Bacchus by Caravaggio. Caravaggio used this painting as a self-portrait and to market himself as a painter whilst he was recovering from a serious illness. Bacchus is also a symbol of earthly pleasures. Morris employed K-beauty sheet masks, lemons, a robe, and bedding, as symbols of health and self-care. Through the work, Morris interacts with selfies on her mobile phone to bring attention to connection and self-obsession.