Laced Statistics

Pipier Weller


Laced Statistics is a four-part series that features four spray-painted women layered over text. The work is a comment on the sexualisation of the female body, especially in Hollywood movies. In the background of the work white, overlaid, and confronting text of statistics on family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia in 2016 and 2017 is seen. Using the process of layering and obscuring the work exposes the societal oppression and sexualisation of the female body. By using a lacy pair of women’s underwear to create the delicate pattern on the actresses, the female body is further invoked.

Pipier Weller is an emerging visual artist interested in the fields of photography, installation, moving images and multi-media. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual) and Education (Secondary) at the Queensland University of Technology. She is passionately investigating a range of new mediums, themes and concepts.