Ricky Jade

it’s just a pretty thing

with a pretty name

and a pretty scent

but it’s just a flower


it’s just lavender


apparently, it brings you joy

something about the scent that drives you wild

find me in a valley of petals

and you’ll go straight to that purple dust


it’s just lavender


it seems to be the centre of it all

with buzzing bees that loudly crowd around;

so special about it?

covered in pollen, begging you to sneeze


she’s just lavender


I’ll be laying here in the daffodils


as I inch closer to kiss you

you’ll be thinking about lavender


she’s just a pretty girl

with a pretty name

and a pretty life

but she’s just a flower

she’s just lavender


why aren’t I lavender

Author: Ricky is a copywriter by day and creative writer by night. Discovering her passion for writing while she was a law student, she switched to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and is now in her third year. While she likes to dabble in everything, she finds herself writing about the complex, shocking and straight-up wild events and relationships in her life. You can find her work in Issue 16 of QUT Glass. Follow her on Instagram @rickyjadee. 

Artist: Ricky Jade

Editors: Isa Velasquez and Suzy Darlington