Lost in a Netherland

Rory Hawkins

After Gerard David’s The Rest on the Flight into Egypt


Golden babe Jesus knows

something’s out of place. At least

this tit knows where

it’s meant to be.


Madonna’s eyes strain down since

learning not to try. The longer

you look, the stranger

this nativity.


Holland pines surrender another

pair. Bodies coronated blue

as a steely trooper launches

toward blessed ass.


How many of Herod’s hunt

in grey ghillie suits?

How many Marys hailed

by Dutch musket-fire?

Author: Rory Hawkins is an English/Irish-grown & Meanjin/Brisbane-based Creative Writing student in his third year, who aspires to work in editing and publishing so he can tell other people how to write better than him. As a 2022 Shortlister for the Allen & Unwin prize, with prose and poetry in QUT’s Glass magazine, previous issues of ScratchThat, read aloud with QUT Lit Salon, and occasionally on his Instagram @rory_writes_sometimes, his work is clearly just the best. Which is his opinion. Which is a fact. That he says.

Artist: Cyndra Galea (she/they) is in the third year of her Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Communications. When not found with her head in a book or three, Cyndra can be found radioactive antique hunting, fixing classic cars with her dad, drawing on her iPad, or writing and editing her manuscript. Cyndra aims to work as a structural editor when she finishes her Masters of Editing and Publishing, but also dreams of releasing novels of their own.

Editors: Kelly Rouzbehi and Euri Glenn