Jak Kirwin


Expired pleasures

bottled up, fermented

liquid obsolescence

falsified prophecies

of dream woman blue,

narcotic necessities

hair trigger, finger you


Lingering lovesickness

fed up God for witness

not tonight I’m tired,

shoot new Jack he’s wired

Magnum babe, new flavour

Jesus Christ, our saviour

split an ounce get blasted

pretending like we lasted


Decadent desires

hate the love thought sires

part me down the middle,

devil plays the fiddle

god says he loves crazies

push on up them daisies

I still love you redacted

sic transit Gloria Mundi.

Jak is a Brisbane based writer and poet interested in the use of nature as a conduit for introspection. Jak is also interested in political ideologies and their influence on social relationships. His poetry has appeared in Glass and Scratchthat. His prose has appeared in The Equal Standard.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at jakkirwin.

Find his work in Issue One and Issue Two of Scratch That Magazine, and in QUT Glass.