A celebration of literary genius and musical artistry

Jaime Colley & Willow Ward


Artwork by Jaime Colley


(n.) the moment when time transitions from one day to the next, marking the end, and the beginning.

Humanity is an ever-evolving entity, cocooned by lessons from the past as it anticipates its rebirth into something entirely new.

And yet through thousands of midnights, something inside us has remained entirely untouched. After endless expansion, invention, and progression, in a world misshapen by greed and materialism, storytelling remains at the forefront of our identity.

Storytelling is perhaps the most powerful thing in our world.

As a literary, arts, and culture magazine, ScratchThat would not exist without it. Storytelling transcends disciplines, favouring no form, welcoming writers, artists, and musicians alike. When faced with so many differences, it is something we get to share.

One storyteller, in particular, has fostered such inspiration in artists for over sixteen years, and today she is continues that legacy, with her tenth studio album, Midnights.

Taylor Swift is one of the best storytellers of our generation, her creations an amalgamation of literary genius, cinematic beauty, and musical perfection. That is exactly what ScratchThat aims to celebrate, and as such, we couldn’t let this album launch pass by without an ode to the great talent that is Taylor Swift.

So meet us at midnight, and hopefully you will find the inspiration to tell your own stories.

Love, Willow.

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Artwork by Jaime Colley

Jaime Colley is a fourth year Creative Writing and Law student at QUT. She has been published in Concrescence Zine, Verses Magazine, Glass, and the Luna Collective, among others. Her writing often swings wildly between the dark potential of thrillers, the subtle delicacy of relationships, and if she’s feeling especially game, both. Jaime is a proud Taylor Swift fan and has somehow survived this far into her degree without drinking any coffee. Psychotic? She’s aware. 


Willow Ward is an author of fiction, screenplays, poetry, and memoir. She is due to graduate from a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (Creative Writing) from QUT in 2022. She is the Secretary for QUT’s Literary Salon and a member of the Editorial Board for ScratchThat Magazine. Her works often explore femininity, sexuality, and identity, taking major inspiration from the two Taylors: Taylor Jenkins Reid and Taylor Swift.