Jak Kirwin


go pluck your snobby nostrils

i’m a snapper in a puddle
you’re a guppy in a black hole
move with the times, stay behind
fuck long living, blind is the soul
i’ll be back here

i’d rather be a flower than a seed
i’d rather be a want than a need

go paint your broken toenails

while I count my blessings
purple bruises on my shins
a suspected case of insanity
every kiss like a coma
wake me with a cricket bat

i’m an archangel with dagger eyes
i’m the Antichrist in bloom

go shave your liquid legs

while I explain death to fools
god bless blossoming maggots
the agony of being common
breeds green-eyed contempt
it makes you heartless

you’re so tragic when you try

Jak is a Brisbane based writer and poet interested in the use of nature as a conduit for introspection. Jak is also interested in political ideologies and their influence on social relationships. His poetry has appeared in Glass and Scratchthat. His prose has appeared in The Equal Standard.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at jakkirwin.

Find his work in Issue One and Issue Two of Scratch That Magazine, and in QUT Glass.