nighttime narrative

Soph Gibson


there lies a steady promise in the ink of night:
a pot full of indelible black potential;

an unmade bed, pure white yet


      is a fresh page,

and the walls we unpeel ourselves in
are leather-clad with bound corners.

leave cursive on the square of crumpled linen
two bodies curled like contorted quills
under the warm blanket of feathers and darkness

hold me —

in the hollow of your throat

like a fragmented phrase

dawn as our imminent epilogue,
our greedy hands tore the ending up;



in the quiet air

until        nothing          was left

but lonely covers.

Soph Gibson is a visual artist and writer currently studying BFA in Visual Arts. In an attempt to unravel the complexities of the human experience, both Gibson’s visual art and creative writing often includes layers of metaphors and an indulgence in sensorial delight.

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