Ode to Simplicity

Laura Johnson

i ignite the engine and drive to the beach

with a cooler full of drinks

while my dogs drift to sleep


the sun hugs me from behind

my back burns

callistemon petals bloom in my cheeks


grains of sand wedge between my toes

the ocean calls through a soft, pink shell

shhhhhhhh, she lulls me to sleep


i call my dogs and together we wander

down the isle of palm tree leaves

wind pushes me towards the water


i kill the engine; we’ve arrived back home

with a half empty cooler of drinks

while my dogs snore in their sleep


pitter-patter! the sun disappears

the tin roof over my head

guards me from the rain


my eyes meet the moon

she casts shadows and shapes

on the curtain, they waltz to and fro


my candle hums and flickers

before i smother it, i say goodnight

my dogs curl up against my back


i close my eyes

even now i can still hear

the sea’s soft lullaby

Author: Laura Johnson is a creative writer from Brisbane, Australia. She’s currently working on multiple projects focusing mainly on prose and scriptwriting. Laura spends her time excessively daydreaming, travelling with her friends, and walking her beloved dogs, Daisy and Leo.

Artist: Elly-Grace Rinaldis is a model and creative writer located in Brisbane. When she is not backpacking or travelling internationally, Elly-Grace enjoys socialising over a bottle of pinot noir with her friends, family and beloved cat Vera. Elly-Grace is currently studying to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Creative Writing at QUT. Her debut poetry collection titled Five Summers: An Anthology is currently available for purchase on her website www.ellygrace.com.au or locally at Avid Reader in West End. She can be found at @ellygracewrites