Oh Trouble

Samuel Maguire


Coffin Nail



You bitch

You were


Me, sucking

The life

Outta me

Like I sucked

The fire

Outta you

And if I

Had one wish

It would be

That I had

The strength

To let you

Down easy

Or that you

Were somehow

Good for me


Trudge Back


In the mornings

I wake up


Than when I went to bed


Like I am living opposite days

All the effort I am about to spend

And the stress of the day ahead

Loaded on my shoulders


Easing gradually, lifting from me

As each task is complete

Until I find myself in bed

Completely ready





Cruel fate

Alas that you

Could not let me grow old

And die with dignity

In a darkening world

A pimple

In my thirties

This should not be allowed


Watch Duty


Waiting for the bathroom door

In a very hip bar

With someone else’s beer in my hand


I see a painting of a fish 

In a business suit

Screaming at the top of its lungs


And I think

Same here 


Samuel Maguire is a Brisbane author and professional bipolar-haver. His debut novel No Point in Stopping was published in 2018, and he has had work published in Stilts Journal, Scum Magazine and currently works as an editor for Tiny Owl Publishing.