Tamicah Rasmussen

Lately, I’ve been thinking

about the sand.

I’ve been thinking

about how it squishes under your feet

as you tread to the water’s brim

before it melts like sugar


your limbs.

I’ve been thinking

about the sand’s lover, the sea,

how it’s chaotically calm and crashing

over your pain,


it away.

Driftwood thoughts ripple in my mind

to a line from “Marinade”,

a song that I’ve always been obsessed with.

The line is with me now

as I finally find the courage,

to leave.

I’ve always romanticised wanting to die

by the sea,

to be washed


with the tide.

I want my pain

to sink into the ocean bed,

as I watch the waves and sand collide,

free and at peace.

Then I can be with the ocean and the stars.

Then I will no longer be alone.

Author: Tamicah Rasmussen is a twenty-three-year-old writer. She writes poetry, short stories and novels with themes varying but the one thing they mostly always all have in common, is romance. Her lifetime goal is to have her own poetry book and novel published, to travel the world and to be constantly surrounded by animals and art. When Tamicah isn’t writing, she’s reading romance and fantasy novels, or playing cosy video games with her cats being close by.

Artist: Lilian Martin is a writer, poet, and now artist based in Meanjin/Brisbane, who wants to publish their own zines one day! They used to be keen on the art thing in high-school and have slowly been trying to ignite their visual spark once again. They have begun incorporating visual elements into their writing career by designing magazines, doing illustrations, and making graphics for the QUT Literary Salon. You can find both their writing and visual work at

Editors: Rory Hawkins & Bea Warren