Dhriti Naidu and Alisha Davenport


20 days, a part of me is lost

left trailing down the sides of porcelain bowls

saturated until the bottom is unseen

to soon be swept down drainpipes, 


I toss and turn, never fully asleep

head and cotton heavy with scarlet woes

shameful, dirty, learn to hide it

crinkled bathroom secrets,


muscles contracting

folded in the croon of 1am pain

it subsides as time falls

just like the blood trickling down the drain, 


but once it’s over, I’ll forget to be grateful

until another 20 days goes by. 


– dhriti and alisha

Dhriti Naidu and Alisha Davenport are two poets with a shared love for writing and blanket forts. Find more of Dhriti’s work at @amateurishpoetry and Alisha’s work at @alisha.aart on Instagram.