Radio Silence: Episode 3 ‘Day 375’

Content Warning:
This episode includes themes of domestic dispute, violence, grief and course language.

It’s been two weeks since RJ left in search of their mother and as the days go on Ty begins to feel more and more alone. With Charlie even more fixated on repairing the radio instead of his family and no more food left, Ty has to learn how to fend for himself or decide to leave his father behind and brave whatever awaits outside.

Performed by:
Harmony Baldan-Vine
Joshua Price
Lily Daniel
Michaela Harris

Written by:
Matisse Duncan
Bjorn Farbaek
Aiden Jensen
Jody Christie

Directed by:
Harmony Baldan-Vine
Joshua Price

Produced by:
Lily Daniel

Music and Sound Engineering by:

Foley sounds:
Aya Sato