Rainbow: Under Construction

Rainbow: Under Construction, 2020

Rainbow: Under Construction is concerned with bringing a physical representation to human energy. Alongside this representation, the work navigates the relationship between painting and time, specifically through the juncture between traceable definitive marks and the space created through layering. Evoking joy and whimsy in its colour palette, the frozen chaos presented aims to transport the viewer and bring a new attention to their own feelings of bliss and time.

Sunday Jemmott is a Brisbane based artist working across painting and contemporary jewellery. In her work, she uses craft materials and practices to investigate the concept of the human life-force. She employs the use of decorative materials like fabric, sequins and glitter to evaluate the tension between high and low art. Her colourful mixed media paintings and playful jewellery celebrate a naive aesthetic to bring attention to the fast-paced nature of our realities.

She can be found on Instagram at sundaysartclub and on her website.