Reaching For It

Isobel Weder

Reach down

All the good stuff is hidden deep

Really get in there

You won’t find it sifting the surface


Pray that it is something good, 

Beautiful, raw, unpolished 

But palatable

Make it for refined tastes


You still reaching?

This can’t be just from the head

Too much sense will make the children weep and student’s yawn 

Reach down where it is dark and wholly murky


Down past the throat

This isn’t something to spit out at a moment’s notice, 

A regurgitation of thoughts past consumed,

Something so far gone you can barely taste it on your tongue


Bypass the heart

It’s not yet beat to anything of worth

Besides, anything coming from there can’t be whole 

Only fragments, long ago shattered


Reach down to your stomach

That is where it all lies, slowly digesting 

Slowly absorbed into your being

Now you can start searching


Here you find the butterflies

Kaleidoscopic flurries you have lived with for too long 

Wave them away

The same way you have done time and time again


And there it is!

I knew it would be there

For a second you doubted me 

Funny how you always do that


Now, grasp it just so

Not so firmly that it is forced out, crushed beyond recognition 

Not so gently that it slips away, never to be felt again

Coax it out in that way you fall in love, slowly and then all at once


Now, bring it out into the open

Your treasure, cup it in two full hands

Don’t forget to inspect it closely for lumps and bumps and other unseemly things 

Is this what you had hoped for?


Now, without thinking 

Show it to the world

Isobel is a Brisbane-based Architecture student and dabbling writer. Her work explores themes of nature, memory, and belonging with elements of absurdism scattered throughout. She features prominently in a local bar near you on the constant lookout for groovy music and cool cocktails.