Sentiments That Predate Me

Jackson Machado-Nunes



i waited for You,

like trees through winter for spring.

i won’t let You go ~



james dean

i’m west of adam, somewhere far off

on an Italo dancefloor, our shirts wet or off

glitter in Your hair

but You’re the glitter of my eye

and i want to dance here in the middle with You

as much as i long to press secret with You

in a car or a cubicle

where vultures don’t hunt.

and i cling to the visions of Your chest heaving softly

when i roll from Your hips

moonlight on my lips

softly with nothing soft about You

smoking with fever hot about You

leather white and denim about You

because You are the cause and my love the effect…


walking the streets with You tucked in my wallet,

her name is gina, she’s from new york, we talk on the phone every night.

a cigarette in my mouth, Your lighter warm by my lips

and i’m breathing smoke i believe to be sweet as Your kiss

Jackson is a Meanjin based non-binary poet at the tail end of their writing degree and is making the most of their time on the ScratchThat team before they move beyond the veil. You can find more work from them on the ScratchThat website, in QUT Glass Issue #11, or on their instagram account @deku.of.dune