set the alarm before we go to bed, 1st movement

Amanda Thomas


let’s get up early, make instant coffee.

let the kettle hum,

        our hearts   beat

under the clink   of   cups.

   let’s pluck magic—

   from this or•di•na•ry mor•ning


we’ll saw & glide

over easy runs,

      like who uses the shower first.


      we’ll   sta-cca-to   wake   the   day,



the clothes & sheet




      i   n     t   h   e     w   i   n   d


play it in whatever key. we’ll sing

.like strings.

Amanda Thomas is in her third year of a BFA in Creative Writing. She writes poetry in an attempt to make words sing. She is working on a YA high fantasy novel, which is an endless joy and torture.

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