Euri Glenn

Once I read 

of a path of 

red. A woman, 

she danced on fire’s edge 

and with glee 

she believed 

her delicate feet were 

like a ballerina 

frolicking – 

still stumbling but free. 

Forgetting the never-ending 

beat of her music, 

she sang. 


Once I read 

of a path of 


A woman danced 

on the sharpened edge 

of blackened land. 

The path of red reached 

it’s peak, it’s dead-end 

when the beat finally 



And that’s how 

it goes. An ode 

to the old throne of bone 

atop the peak 

that can only be reached 

by a woman’s heartbeat 


Author: Euri Glenn is a Jambreen/Tamborine Mountain based writer, and a third-year Creative Writing student at QUT who is currently working on a novel based in a post-apocalyptic Gold Coast Hinterland. In every story, she seeks to inspire change for the better of the world and the creatures who dwell within it. You can find more of her work in ScratchThat’s 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Issues, QUT Glass’ 14th Issue, and @euri.chelsea.glenn on Instagram.

Artist: Cyndra Galea (she/they) is in the third year of her Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Communications. When not found with her head in a book or three, Cyndra can be found radioactive antique hunting, fixing classic cars with her dad, drawing on her iPad, or writing and editing her manuscript. Cyndra aims to work as a structural editor when she finishes her Masters of Editing and Publishing, but also dreams of releasing novels of their own.

Editors: Bea Warren and Rory Hawkins