Tamicah Rasmussen

I’m unstable.


I’m in the air, floating.

Everything is foggy. Everything is moving slowly.

I hover with glazed eyes

barely seeing the blurred flowers

through the shower screen.

My tears


the water

coincide and trickle down

my cheeks,

my chest,

my stomach,

my thighs.

I think that I might finally

understand the language of rain;

lonely, cold, undecided,

romantic, peaceful, static.

I think I have a television inside my head.

I think the television is my brain.

I think. I think. I think.






Will I ever not feel this sad hue?

Will I ever see myself and think, “Yes, I’m beautiful! Yes, I’ve made it.”

Or will this forever be a taboo?






I try to flick through the channels

but the remote seizes in my hand, am I already gone?

Am I already dead?


I finally look up

in the mirror and see

a television for a head,

all that plays is the same

undecided and romantic static.

I’m out of order,

it seems.

I’m a blur inside

a screen.

Author: Tamicah Rasmussen is a twenty-three-year-old writer. She writes poetry, short stories and novels with themes varying but the one thing they mostly always all have in common, is romance. Her lifetime goal is to have her own poetry book and novel published, to travel the world and to be constantly surrounded by animals and art. When Tamicah isn’t writing, she’s reading romance and fantasy novels, or playing cosy video games with her cats being close by.

Artist: Cyndra Galea (she/they) is in the third year of her Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Communications. When not found with her head in a book or three, Cyndra can be found radioactive antique hunting, fixing classic cars with her dad, working in their vegetable garden, drawing on her iPad, or writing and editing her manuscript. Cyndra aims to work in the publishing industry when she finishes university, but also dreams of releasing novels of their own.

Accessibility Reader: Jamie Stevens

Editors: Euri Glenn & Bea Warren